The 5 Best Restaurants In Lincoln Park (That Deliver To Replay!)

We’ve all been there. We’re enjoying the new happy hour specials at Replay Lincoln Park, then we realize it’s 8 pm, we’re starving, but we also don’t want to leave. Well, one of the nice things about the bar that you may not be aware of is that we’re happy to allow you to bring in outside food — or even have food delivered to you right at the bar! In that spirit, and to help you get your grub on without ruining your pinball high score, we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Lincoln Park that will deliver to Replay Lincoln Park! Of course, there are tons of other amazing restaurants in Lincoln Park, but these are our personal favorites. Oh, and before we start, we should mention that we have an agreement with Jet’s Pizza that’ll get you 20% off any order delivered to Replay Lincoln Park! It’s, uh, why we didn’t include it on the list below — because we’re nothing if not ethical here.

[Image via Yelp]

[Image via Yelp]

The Best Restaurants In Lincoln Park (That Deliver To Replay!)

Chicago Halal

There are few things that go better with beer than a creamy, piquant bowl of hummus — and that’s why Chicago Halal earns a spot as one of the best delivery restaurants in Lincoln Park. It’s very close to Replay Lincoln Park, which means that your food won’t take forever to get here (which is important, if you get as hangry as I do) and it uses only certified Zabiha Halal products for their dishes. While you can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu, we recommend getting the mix combination plate, with a side of hummus and pita. You can order via GrubHub right here.

DMK Burger Bar

If you’ve ever walked to Replay Lincoln Park from Lakeview East, you’ve probably passed by this burger mecca before. Though it’s best known as an eat-in joint, DMK Burger Bar’s amazing burgers and fry plates are also available for delivery and take out. Not only is DMK one of the best restaurants in Lincoln Park, it’s arguably the best burger joint in the city thanks to their perfectly juicy burgers and inventive toppings. Our favorite things on the menu are the #5 burger made with a grass-fed bison patty and the sweet potato fries with an unctuous lemon-tabasco sauce. If you’re craving burgers, you can order delivery right here via DoorDash.


Sure, Vietnamese food might not seem like traditional bar grub, but once you taste SIMPLY IT’s famous banh mi sandwiches, you’ll be singing their praises for years to come. SIMPLY IT’s menu is gigantic enough to satisfy even the most picky of palates, offering a huge variety of sandwiches, soups, and entrees. Though we are huge fans of their pho varieties here at Replay Lincoln Park, the reason we’ve included SIMPLY IT as one of Lincoln Park’s best restaurants is their banh mi sandwiches. SIMPLY IT are masters of the craft, assembling meats, pickled vegetables, and other toppings on a perfectly toasty french baguette. If your mouth isn’t watering right now, you probably have no soul. You can order a sandwich of your own right here on GrubHub.

The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria

If you want to branch out from Jet’s Pizza, we recommend looking a bit further west, to The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria. Though they do serve burgers and other bar food, they’ve earned a spot as one of Lincoln Park’s best delivery restaurants on the strength of their pizzas. Their traditional margherita pizza is not to be missed, but adventurous eaters might want to try their carbonara pizza — a white pizza that mimics pasta carbonara by including pancetta, a luscious parmesan cream sauce, and a raw egg on top. Trust us, it’s delicious. You can order right here.

Angela’s Burrito Style

Angela’s Burrito Style stands alone in Chicago as one of the precious few restaurants that caters to drunk people staggering home from the bars that also sells food that tastes delicious even when you’re sober. For us millenials, Angela’s offers a wide variety of avocado-focused dishes like tacos and tostadas, but the crown jewel of Angela’s Burrito Style’s menu is without a doubt the California style burrito. What makes a burrito “California style”, you may ask? Well, it’s the fact that chefs at the restaurant pack french fries inside the burrito itself. It’s a perfect, craveable burrito, and you can order one right now here. What are you waiting for?