Our 5 Favorite Video Game Drinking Games

It may come as a surprise to you that we here at Replay Lincoln Park are big fans of combining alcohol with video games. I know! Shocker. Over the years, we’ve honed and refined a wide variety of drinking games made to play alongside video games — and since there’s nothing better than cracking open cold ones with the boys over a video game or three, we’re letting you in on the fun. Here are our 5 favorite video game drinking games — complete with nightmare mode variants for people who want to up the difficulty.

[Image via Den of Geek]

[Image via Den of Geek]

Replay Lincoln Park Presents: The 5 Best Video Game Drinking Games

Beerio Kart

This is a classic video game drinking game. Sometimes called “Drunk Driving” or “Kario Mart”, this game can be played with anywhere between one and eight players if you’re using the newest version of Mario Kart.

Here’s how it works.

Each player picks their character and kart, and then everyone agrees on a track (or grand prix) to tackle — making sure that CPU opponents are turned off. At that point, everyone must grab a beer from the fridge and crack it open. As Lakitu cues up the green light, the game begins.

The goal of this video game drinking game is to down your beer and cross the finish line before anyone else does. The complicating factor is that before you start drinking your beer, your kart must be at a complete stop and both of your hands must be off of the controller.

This, believe it or not, adds an element of strategy to the game. Do you chug your beer at the beginning of the race, hoping that you get items to help make up the deficit as the race goes on? Do you wait until the very end, stopping at the finish line to chug your beer with the knowledge that your opponents might blow past you at any second? Or do you space your drinking out over multiple laps?

However you choose to tackle this problem, make sure to play responsibly.

Nightmare mode: Play with tallboys.


The best thing about this video game drinking game is that it doesn’t require a specific game to play it — you just need a one-on-one fighting game and a group of two or more.

There are only two rules. They’re incredibly simple, and should be familiar to anybody who has spent time in an arcade:

1: Winner stays.

2: Winner drinks.

Behold the brilliance of Handicap. By design, better players will get buzzed faster, impacting their play and allowing other players to cycle in and defeat them. This, of course, will lead to them drinking more themselves, continuing the cycle until you tell everyone in the room that you kind of have a crush on bearded hot dad Ryu.

Nightmare mode: When the winner drinks, they must either chug a beer or take a shot.

Super Smashed Bros.

This video game drinking game is tailor made for those of you who love watching let’s plays, or would otherwise rather not really “play” video games and focus more on the drinking.

Think of Super Smashed Bros. as a kind of cockfighting variant, except a lot less awful and a lot more stupid. Here’s how it works. Anywhere from 2-8 people can play (if you have the newest Smash Bros. game), and none of the players will be taking control of any characters. Instead, you will each pick a champion.

Each player must select Jigglypuff, then set the character to be controlled by a level 1 CPU (it helps to set names for the Jigglypuffs so that players can keep track of who they’ve bet on). Turn all items on, set the stocks to 10, and set the stage to Final Destination.

From there, the rules are simple. Every time your Jigglypuff loses a stock, you take a sip of your drink. This won’t get you that buzzed, but trust us, the hilarity of watching 8 level 1 Jigglypuffs struggle for dominance is its own reward.

Nightmare mode: Power hour. Change the rules from stock to time, and set the time to 60 minutes. Change Jigglypuff’s level to 9, so that kills happen more often. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Don’t worry, sports fans. We didn’t forget about you. In fact, we’ve created a video game drinking game that’s tailor made for you Madden-lovers out there.

This game works with any football game, though if you’re playing Madden or any other sim game, you’ll want to change a few settings to make the quarters shorter (usually around 2 minutes) and disable injuries.

From there, it’s a simple matter of picking your teams, and then the game begins. The only rule here is that the offense must only pick long passing plays. If the offense completes a pass for a first down, the defender has to take a drink. If the offense scores a touchdown, the defender must finish their drink. On the flip side, if the quarterback gets sacked, the offense takes a drink. More damningly, if the defense manages to intercept a pass, the offense must finish their drink. And worst of all, if the interception is returned for a touchdown, the offense must finish both their drink and the defender’s drink.

Nightmare Mode: Do not shorten the quarter length.

Quarter Stealers

This is a bespoke video game drinking game that you can play right here at Replay Lincoln Park that takes advantage of the peculiarities of arcade game design.

There’s only one rule — whenever you have to continue the game, whether it’s on The Simpsons, X-Men, Street Fighter, Area 51, or any of our other great games, take a drink. Trust us, it’ll be easier than feeding quarters into a machine all night, and it’ll taste better to boot.

Nightmare Mode: You cannot switch off of a game until you’ve beaten it.

What are your favorite video game drinking games? Let us know in the comments — and feel free to play your favorite ones here at Replay Lincoln Park!