Announcing Beat The Pros at Replay Lincoln Park!

We’ve taught you how to get good at Skeeball. We’ve taught you how to beat your friends at air hockey. We’ve even taught you how to take your pinball game to the next level. Well, now it’s time to put all your skills to the test. Sure, you’ve wiped the floor with your friends, but now, a new challenger approaches.


[Image via MIT]

[Image via MIT]

Beat The Pros at Replay Lincoln Park

Here’s the deal, you intrepid video game gladiators. On the last Thursday of every month, the video game aficionados at Replay will be putting their pride (and prizes) on the line by taking on all comers. If you can beat our scores, you’ll not only get bragging rights, but you’ll be getting a cool $25 off your bar tab for the night for your trouble. But don’t for a second think that it’s going to be easy. You may have heard of the Elite Four — we only need three to defend our honor. Meet Replay Lincoln Park’s Elite Trio.

Mark, The Galaga Master

Score: 397,710

Oh, you think you’re “pretty good” at staving off the alien menace in Galaga? You can “like, sometimes” get the double shot powerup, and you made it to the bonus stage “that one time”? One piece of advice for you: Don’t even try.

Mark, Replay’s owner, has been honing his craft on Galaga cabinets for decades, and has been protecting our world from the alien onslaught better than Ripley, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Arnold Schwarzenegger combined. Just to give you a sense of how ridiculous a score of nearly 400,000 in Galaga is — given the pace at which most people play the game, you’d have to stay alive (and continue scoring big) for around 25 minutes to even have a chance at cracking that score.

Carlo, The Pinball Wizard

Score: 575,867,710 (Ghostbusters Pinball)

If you’re looking to flex your flipper fingers, Carlo’s nine-figure score on Ghostbusters pinball is the score to beat. And lest you think this is an easy feat, according to Pinside’s pinball archive, Carlo’s confirmed score is one of the top 100 scores on this table world-freaking-wide.

Sure, you might not be ‘fraid of no ghosts, but I wouldn’t blame you if that score has you quaking in your boots.

David, The Air Hockey Assassin

Air Hockey Mastery Level: Ludicrous

Listen, we did our best. We really did. We gave you all our tips and tricks to help you up your air hockey game. But we’re sorry to say — it’s not going to be enough.

For those of you who are brave enough to take on one of the Replay Elite Trio head on, ask your bartender for David. You’ll know him by the fiery look in his eyes, and by the fact that you’ve already pretty much lost the air hockey match to him.

Rules and Regulations

Obviously, this is serious business for us. Our pride is on the line. So there are a few rules you’ll need to follow. First of all, as always, no game-hogging. Second of all, we’re only taking on these challenges on the last Thursday of the month — if you topple our scores on another day, tough luck. Third, we will need confirmation if you have beaten any of these high scores. Luckily, we all have tiny devices in our pockets and purses that are just perfect for this sort of thing. If you’ve beaten our scores at any of these games, or if you manage to triumph over David in air hockey, just snap a picture as proof, check in to Replay Lincoln Park on Instagram or Facebook, and tag your photo with #replaylincolnpark. Show the post to your bartender, and they’ll confer upon you the discount (as well as the bragging rights).

Good luck, players. You’ll need it.