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Bring on the Beercade: How Replay Lincoln Park is seeing up the Nostalgia
Advisor Mag

You can practically taste the sugary 80’s addiction of wine coolers, Long Island Iced Teas and Lemon Drops. No doubt, you’re jammin’ to the funky tunes of Blondie, Queen and Duran Duran. And you are definitely standing in line, to play none other than the newly released Pac Man.

Welcome back to the 1980’s my friends- stay bitchin’.

While it may not be possible to actually transport back to a simpler time for good, thanks to Mark Kwiatkowski of Replay Lincoln Park, you CAN escape for a few hours while enjoying craft beer, cocktails- and did we mention- FREE arcade games, that will blow your mind? It’s true- with over 60 retro video, pinball and skeeball games, this Chicago based beercade is bringing the fun, nostalgia and booze to anyone 21 and up.

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Replay Lincoln Park
Formerly Headquarters Sheffield
2833 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 665-5660

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday: 5 pm–2 am
Friday: 3 pm–2 am
Saturday: Noon–3 am
Sunday: Noon–2 am


Formerly Headquarters on Sheffield